Company History

The Hager Group of Companies is a family business started by the delightful couple, Emil Hager and Paraluman Hager, both still CEO’s presently. They started serving the community first in April of 2008, with their “Villa Hager”, a Boutique Resort hotel. Slowly expanding rooms and accomodating more guests, they decided to open a travel agency in June of 2010 as to bring in even more guests, particularly from abroad.

Within just a few months, they launched a bag company with the brand name “Chi Chi”, and at the same time the art and design company “ArtDepot”, since bags were an indemand product among travelers and tarpaulins, menu cards and calendars were vital products in the catering/hotel venture.

The newest addition to the Hager Group of Companies is “Hager.Com”. Since Emil Hager, CEO, is a freelance journalist specializing in travel, sports and economics for renowned magazines in Switzerland, a company based on media and communication was the next logical business step. Hager.Com is primarily intended to disseminate information about the products and services we offer through online newsletters and web designing. In the same way, Hager.Com offers to advertise and inform your clientele and target market about your products and services.